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2013 Indie Spotlight Winners!SuperNova REmnant - Winners of the 13SR Indie Spotlight Top 100!

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Aliah Listens

Homeless Hill

Can't Kill The Ugly

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13SRadio.Com Now Offers Featured Live Shows In Podcastable Form

For when you just had other shit to do, instead of listening live via the website or mobile apps...

January 3 2014 - 13SR Headquarters

     13SRadio.Com is growing almost too fast to get a handle on, and one of the most requested features has been the ability to listen back to selected live shows via podcasts. The list will grow quickly, but for now enjoy these episodes from the 13SR Live Presents: collection. Our live feature shows include "In The Pit With Migz" - "The Indie Spotlight" - "Kick Ass Wednesdays" and    "The Grind Radio Show".

    Some of the lyrical and host content is slightly NSFW, sometimes drunken, and always full of kickassery mixed with debauchery. Enjoy 13SR in podcast form for your ear-gasms, pleasure yourself as often as you'd like....

13SR. Completely Innappropriate. Totally Fucking Awesome.

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Current 13SR Podcasts


13SR Live: In The Pit With Migz

Episode #37

(Original Air Date: 12|11|13)

XXXMAS Edition | Chapter 1

|DirtyXmas Montage|

Top 10 Countdown: Major Record Label Released Tracks of 2013

Top 10 Countdown: Ten best of 2013 from the 13SR Inbox/Website

Random and Strange Metal/Rock Band Christmas Tracks


Live In the Pit: Episode #36

Live In the Pit: Episode #35


13SR Live: The Indie Spotlight Podcasts


Epic joins the end of the year Countdown Madness!



13SR Live: The Grind Radio Show


The Grind: Tommy took the night off....WHAT?????



13SR Live: Kick Ass Wednesdays


live performances from Carthy, Karma Points, Theory Of Thieves, Maid Myriad and Ostrov



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Kick Ass Wednesdays  The Asylum of Hard Rocks












\m/Stay Brutal\m/


-13SR Migz

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